Do you want to become an homeowner spending only 1 euro? In Italy you can and today we will explain how!

It seems impossible, however, thanks to a particular initiative that is taking hold little by little, all this can become reality. The “Case a 1 euro project started from some Italian small towns, with the aim of countering the abandonment by the population and helping some areas.

But how do you do it you may be wondering, where to start and how to find these houses for 1 euro?

Houses at 1 euro are privately owned, where owners want to get rid of them often in order not to pay taxes. We are talking mostly about dilapidated or unsafe properties that need renovation. In some cases we also talk about houses built in the 80s and 90s. These require less renewals.

This long-term strategy is attractive to those looking for a low-cost home. A very attractive idea also for those who can work in smart working, free from a mandatory geographical position. In this way you can restore luster to many forgotten Italian villages, but rich in history and natural beauty. To have a house for 1 euro, well, you have to start from the map: you can find several online but the complete one, divided by color region by region and with over twenty municipalities reported as part of the project of the houses at 1 euro is that of the site 1eurohouses.

However, there are commitments that those who buy through this project must guarantee, which are:

  1. Provide a renovation and revaluation project within a period decided by the municipality (usually 1 year) from the
  2. Bear the notary fees for registration, transfers and stacking.
  3. When you have all the permits, start the work within the time decided by the municipality.
  4. To guarantee the correct execution of the works by the buyer, the municipality asks to stipulate a surety policy of a figure between usually € 1,000.00 and € 5,000.00. The policy expires at the end of the completed works, usually 3 years.